YOUR HEALTHY WEIGHT – How to Know What’s Right For You

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How to determine your ideal healthy weight? It’s not according to what your friends, family, co-workers or any others have to say.  Ask ten people and you’ll get ten opinions.  And, I hear this so often from clients who are losing weight.  People will comment with “you’re too thin,” or “you don’t need to lose any more weight,” or “you’re just fine the way you are.” But, weight loss really is about getting to a HEALTHY weight.  So, how do you know what that is?

Your waist measurement, as well as your waist-to-hip ratio, are measurements that determine how much weight you are carrying around the middle.  Waist circumference measures your abdominal fat – both a predictor and a cause of poor health and disease. This news also comes from a recent review of 72 studies that included data on more than two and a half million people.  Researchers from Canada and Iran determined that the larger one’s waist measured, the higher the risk of premature death. You can calculate your own risk here:

So, see how you are doing.  If your numbers are high and you’d like to reduce that belly weight, I can help.

Take good care of your health and yourself!

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