What is the Blueprint4Health?

Healthy Weight

Attaining a healthy weight is one of the first steps in achieving health, for, excess weight and poor lifestyle habits contribute to 80% of the health issues we see today from high blood pressure to pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and more. The good news is that losing weight and attaining a healthy one is something within our control.

Healthy Lifestyle

This includes habits that contribute to overall health such as good quality sleep, managing stress in a positive way as well as moving the body with exercise and activity. These habits have a direct influence on weight as well.


Where would we be without the support of those who care about us? Having the support of those around us — whether it’s to help us through tough times, celebrate milestones or cheer us on in making lifestyle change — is critical to our success. We are most like the five people closest to us – are they supportive and positive or a negative influence?


Happiness is a state of well-being which includes purpose in life, meaningful and positive relationships, having time to spend with family and friends, doing what we enjoy and, yes, being healthy mentally, physically and financially.

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