Meet Beth

Health and Life Transformation Coach

I am a coach, partner and champion for people who aspire to achieve their best health at every age and stage of life through 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond! My mission is to help you create your best health for life!

Healthy Weight

Attaining a healthy weight is one of the first steps in achieving health, for, excess weight and poor lifestyle habits contribute to 80% of the health issues we see today from high blood pressure to pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and more. The good news is that losing weight and attaining a healthy one is something within our control.

Healthy Lifestyle

This includes habits that contribute to overall health such as good quality sleep, managing stress in a positive way as well as moving the body with exercise and activity. These habits have a direct influence on weight as well.


Where would we be without the support of those who care about us? Having the support of those around us — whether it’s to help us through tough times, celebrate milestones or cheer us on in making lifestyle change — is critical to our success. We are most like the five people closest to us – are they supportive and positive or a negative influence?


Happiness is a state of well-being which includes purpose in life, meaningful and positive relationships, having time to spend with family and friends, doing what we enjoy and, yes, being healthy mentally, physically and financially.

My Story

I am a coach, partner and champion for people who aspire to achieve their best health at every age and stage of life through 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond! My mission is to help you create your best health for life!

Like so many and, possibly you, I experienced the ups and downs of dieting at a young age and during a time when it was thought that eating carrot sticks and celery stalks was the path to losing weight and staying slim!  And, probably like you, I tried it all:  starving all day, eating just once a day, intensive exercising, eating no-fat (remember SnackWells?), eating all-fat (Atkins, keto), counting calories, reading numerous books on dieting … you name it!  Of course, none of that worked. And, this helps explain why so many people approach weight loss and health goals with a sense of hopelessness before they even begin.

My defining moment happened after receiving my business degree from The Ohio State University and starting my career in pharmaceutical sales. This required a lot of on-the-road and overnight travel. I consumed junk and fast food during the day and dined in hotel restaurants at night.  As a result, I ate poorly, had no energy and lived on coffee to get through the day.  This  lifestyle quickly showed up physically and energetically .…in a negative way.  But, I still didn’t know what to do.

I believe things happen for a reason and that failures can be our best teachers.

Those experiences led to my strong desire to unravel the mystery – the secret to weight loss and attaining good health – and, consequently, to my strong interest in nutrition, health, fitness and overall wellness.

I wanted to understand just what it would take to achieve my best health … not for  the short-term but for the long-term. My quest began by enrolling in college Nutrition courses and becoming a Nutrition Consultant through the American Association of Nutrition Consultants followed by working for an international health products and supplements company. I also obtained:

*ACE Certification
*Degree in Holistic Nutrition
*Certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach
*Certified Health Coach

(in partnership with the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education & M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University)

I learned that dieting is not the way to weight loss or to good health; that there is not just ONE THING involved but that quite a few lifestyle habits are involved, working synergistically, to make it happen.

So ….. in 2011 and in my 50’s, I worked with a Health Coach and that changed everything. It was through this experience: the accountability, the support, adjusting my mindset, focusing on lifestyle habits vs “just food,” that it all came full circle for me. I then made the fundamental decision to pay it forward helping others AND follow my dream of working for myself.

2021 celebrates my 10th year as a Health and Life Transformation Coach helping over 1000 people throughout the US.  I’d be honored to work with you, too! 


I’m in my 60’s now and am at my absolute best health. 
It’s indeed true that age is just a number.
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Debbie P. - Atlanta, Georgia

Having Beth as my Health Coach was the key to my 60-pound weight loss!  With her guidance and healthy eating tips, I went off several medications, increased my energy levels, and learned how to make this way of eating a way of life. Work with Beth, you won’t regret it!

Steve G. - Orlando, Florida

My doctor told me I needed to lose weight as my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugars were on the rise and referred me to Beth for assistance.  The results were fantastic! I lost 60 pounds (and it was easy!) and reduced my dependence on medications. My energy is back and just in time to chase after my new great granddaughter!  I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you have health and weight loss goals to achieve!

Estela M. - Puerto Rico

I feel better than I have in years having lost 30 pounds (so far!) in two months and getting my energy back. And, after 4 years (since I was 5 months pregnant), I can wear my wedding ring set again! I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you are struggling with your weight and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Your transformation will be amazing!

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