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Consistency + Time – The Formula to Success

Even the smallest behaviors, when repeated over time, can lead to significant change.  Small healthy behaviors lead to longevity, while small unhealthy behaviors over time, lead to disease.  Habits are deeply woven into our lives.

Why You Need Your Sleep

Consistent good quality sleep is one of the most critical factors for creating overall health and well-being.  It affects the way we feel, look, work, eat and function. Here is what happens to the sleep-deprived:

YOUR HEALTHY WEIGHT – How to Know What’s Right For You

How to determine your ideal healthy weight? It’s not according to what your friends, family, co-workers or any others have to say.  Ask ten people and you’ll get ten opinions.  And, I hear this so often from clients who are losing weight. 

10 Reasons You’ve Probably Quit on Your January Goals

The month of January has flown by, hasn’t it?  And guess what? Most weight loss resolutions will have flown by with it! Actually, it’s reported that 25% of Americans will have given up on their weight loss goals within two weeks; the majority within 5 weeks. And then…

fresh healthy salad apples recipe for health
The Recipe for Success in Losing Weight and Gaining Health

We’re all so accustomed to diets. How many have you been on? Growing up, I recall women going on celery and carrot or grapefruit diets. And I’ll never forget a college roommate going on a “self-prescribed” liquid diet (any and all liquids including alcohol! No…

fresh healthy salad apples recipe for health
How to say “NO” to Food Pushers and “YES” to Your Goals

When you’re on your health and weight loss journey, there are many obstacles and potential detours along the way! They come in the form of temptation, old habits and …. often times, family, friends and co-workers: the people closest to you.  There are reasons this…

Martini Glass with Tape Measure for Weight Loss
Strategies for a Healthy Holiday Season!

Essential Strategies and Tips for Navigating the Holidays “THE HOLIDAYS.”  For some, those two words can conjure up feelings of anxiety, stress and an overall feeling of losing control when it comes to food and healthy lifestyle habits.  This type of thinking can…

Can Alcohol Be Derailing Your Weight Loss Goals?

The question I’m most often asked from folks wanting to achieve health and weight loss goals is “can I still have my wine? My cocktails?” Below are 8 ways alcohol can derail those goals. 1. Alcohol consists of “empty” calories. Alcohol contains 7 calories per…

Martini Glass with Tape Measure for Weight Loss
The Problem With Quitting

One of the best decisions that you could ever make in your life, is to vow to never accept quitting as a final answer. ― Edmond Mbiaka I’ve been thinking about the word “quit” lately for I’m in the business of helping people with lifestyle…
Martini Glass with Tape Measure for Weight Loss
10 Reasons Most People Fail to Achieve Weight Loss and Health Goals

Did you know that people who diet try 4 times, on average, during the year? Having worked with hundreds of clients throughout the US and worked in the industry for many years, I have learned the many reasons most people fail to achieve weight loss goals or to keep the…

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Debbie P. - Atlanta, Georgia

Having Beth as my Health Coach was the key to my 60-pound weight loss!  With her guidance and healthy eating tips, I went off several medications, increased my energy levels, and learned how to make this way of eating a way of life. Work with Beth, you won’t regret it!

Steve G. - Orlando, Florida

My doctor told me I needed to lose weight as my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugars were on the rise and referred me to Beth for assistance.  The results were fantastic! I lost 60 pounds (and it was easy!) and reduced my dependence on medications. My energy is back and just in time to chase after my new great granddaughter!  I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you have health and weight loss goals to achieve!

Estela M. - Puerto Rico

I feel better than I have in years having lost 30 pounds (so far!) in two months and getting my energy back. And, after 4 years (since I was 5 months pregnant), I can wear my wedding ring set again! I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you are struggling with your weight and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Your transformation will be amazing!

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