What Is The “Blueprint 4 Health?”

You may have guessed it by now: there is no “one thing” or one ingredient that leads to success.  Similar to building a house — or cooking a gourmet dish — there is a blueprint or recipe to follow to create the finished product.  And so it goes with achieving your weight loss and health goals.

This Blueprint includes

Good Quality Sleep.

45% of Americans struggle with sleep.  And, chronic lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, elevate blood pressure, impact learning, contribute to emotional health issues and more.  Get 7 to 8 hours of good quality zzzz’s to have your “batteries” fully charged!

Managing Stress and not letting it manage you.

Stress and anxiety are the #1 reasons responsible for poor sleep. Chronic unmanaged stress can lead to weight gain, accelerate aging and cause us to react, often times in ways that are not beneficial. Learning the tools to tame the stress is essential for health and well-being.


Movement and exercise.

60% of us get no regular physical activity and 25% of us get none at all. Regular movement and physical activity helps us burn calories, increase metabolism, is a great stress buster and essential for bone health, muscle toning and cardiovascular health.  Learn how to easily incorporate activity into your daily routine! 30 minutes of exercise accounts for just 2% of your day.


Diet and hydration.

80% of weight loss will involve what you’re eating and when. And it’s not just about calories; it’s about the quality of those calories.  Developing intuitive eating habits vs counting points, macros, calories, etc is what you’ll learn.  And, yes, water water water throughout the day is essential in more ways than you might imagine!


Support and healthy surroundings.

We are most influenced by the 5 people closest to us.  Surrounding yourself with supportive, health and positive-minded people will have a strong impact on your daily habits and success.  Working with a personal health coach helps you stay accountable and moves you past the obstacles and challenges that have kept you from succeeding on your own.



Yes, success is an “inside job.”  External changes begin with internal adjustments of your mindset.  What you focus on and how you respond to life’s curveballs will be essential to your success.  A “fixed” mindset will not allow you to grow.  Establishing a “growth” mindset will lead to breakthroughs and a pathway to your goals.


Simple steps for weight loss and health.
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Debbie P. - Atlanta, Georgia

Having Beth as my Health Coach was the key to my 60-pound weight loss!  With her guidance and healthy eating tips, I went off several medications, increased my energy levels, and learned how to make this way of eating a way of life. Work with Beth, you won’t regret it!

Steve G. - Orlando, Florida

My doctor told me I needed to lose weight as my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugars were on the rise and referred me to Beth for assistance.  The results were fantastic! I lost 60 pounds (and it was easy!) and reduced my dependence on medications. My energy is back and just in time to chase after my new great granddaughter!  I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you have health and weight loss goals to achieve!

Estela M. - Puerto Rico

I feel better than I have in years having lost 30 pounds (so far!) in two months and getting my energy back. And, after 4 years (since I was 5 months pregnant), I can wear my wedding ring set again! I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you are struggling with your weight and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Your transformation will be amazing!

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