What’s a Health Coach?

Health Coaching became a profession because of the need to help people create their own health.

Western medicine is good at identifying a disease or health issue and then “reacting” to that with medication to manage the issue.  Creating health is very different. 70% of Americans are overweight or obese and the diabetes rates are escalating at about the same rate. The majority of the health issues we face today are chronic and lifestyle-driven. Physicians are not trained — nor do they have the time — to go in to depth on an individuals’ health goals, lifestyle behaviors and activity levels. Health coaches help people develop a plan for losing weight and adjusting personal habits, and then support them through that process.

Put simply, we partner with our clients to achieve their health goals, as varied as they may be, through dietary change and establishing new, healthy habits. Everything from losing 10 pounds (or more), to managing stress, increasing energy, improving eating habits and even developing better sleep habits is what we do.

I know, I know …. you don’t need any help. You can do this on your own, right? Most of us adults tend to think we can do everything ourselves, without help. If we need help, we may look incapable or weak, right? But, deep down, we all know that we need help from time to time and we need support and encouragement, too. 

A good way to look at what Health Coaches do (and a good analogy) is this:  those who really want to “up their game,” or improve skills often use a coach to do so. Think about professional golfers, tennis players, musicians, singers, kids in a softball league, etc. In order to improve one’s “game” or results, a coach is there to analyze what that individual is currently doing, understand the goal and then make adjustments (ie: a new golf swing or stance, an improved backhand in tennis, and so on) to achieve the desired outcome (which is to improve).  Health Coaches work with those who wish to “up their health” by losing weight and developing new healthy habits for long-term success.

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