Why Do I Need A Coach?

According to the National Weight Control Registry, at least 85% of dieters who “go it alone” without behavioral support, regain the weight. Why is that? I think you’ll agree that the easiest person to quit on is ourselves. And, you might agree that doing the same thing over and over again, without learning new habits and behaviors, leads to the same results.  It’s frustrating.

Have you tried it all? Are you looking for a solution?

This is where coaching comes in.

Tennis pros have coaches.  Golf pros have “swing coaches.” Singers have voice coaches.  Musicians have music teachers.  There are career coaches, life coaches, and more recently, health coaches. You get the picture:  anyone wanting to “up their game” or improve a skill works with a coach or trainer to develop new habits necessary to get there.

In order to “up your game” in achieving your health goals, you will need to be coachable, open to learning, and open to change. I would be honored to be that coach to partner with you and help make it happen.

We begin by establishing your goals, assessing your current lifestyle habits, understanding your current health concerns, and uncovering obstacles and challenges that have stood in your way to date.

Simple steps for weight loss and health.
Are You Looking for a Solution?

Getting Started Is Easy.

Debbie P. - Atlanta, Georgia

Having Beth as my Health Coach was the key to my 60-pound weight loss!  With her guidance and healthy eating tips, I went off several medications, increased my energy levels, and learned how to make this way of eating a way of life. Work with Beth, you won’t regret it!

Steve G. - Orlando, Florida

My doctor told me I needed to lose weight as my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugars were on the rise and referred me to Beth for assistance.  The results were fantastic! I lost 60 pounds (and it was easy!) and reduced my dependence on medications. My energy is back and just in time to chase after my new great granddaughter!  I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you have health and weight loss goals to achieve!

Estela M. - Puerto Rico

I feel better than I have in years having lost 30 pounds (so far!) in two months and getting my energy back. And, after 4 years (since I was 5 months pregnant), I can wear my wedding ring set again! I highly recommend reaching out to Beth if you are struggling with your weight and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Your transformation will be amazing!

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