On Sunday, I was delayed at the LaGuardia Airport for 3 hours which turned out to be a good thing because I was able to watch the Masters Tournament and Tiger’s incredible comeback.

I was cheering for Tiger Woods as I love to see people prevail over adversity, obstacles and challenges. Most would have thrown in the towel and quit as there is a tendency for people to do so when times get tough. But, Tiger came back after 11 years and multiple back surgeries to win his 5th Green Jacket at the Masters. He never quit trying; he was consistent in his practice and he stayed focused on his goal. Big lesson here, isn’t there?

And he did this with help. This is the second lesson. Tiger has a “swing coach” who helps improve his putting. Most great athletes and performers have coaches who help them “up their game” as well as identify and overcome challenges. This is how they improve.

We can apply these two lessons to much of life whether it is achieving those health and weight loss goals, improving relationships, growing into a career, etc. Never quit on something that is important to you just because it’s a little uncomfortable or difficult at times. And, be open and vulnerable enough to seek out support. Coaching and accountability are keys for growth … at any age and at any stage of life.